Chocolate chip cookie Reese’s cup brownie cupcakes

Posted: April 21, 2012 by mommamiller2009 in Kitchen Fun


Um, these are ridonkulous.  Like slap yo’ momma good.  Like I might eat all of these tonight good.  Like all other desserts should be embarrassed to call themselves desserts good (that might be going overboard…)  Like I can’t believe it took me 32 years to discover these.  Seriously they are that good…try them now. 

Recipe source: Pinterest of course.   Is there any other way to find recipes nowadays?  And I’m far too lazy busy to look in a cookbook (well besides Paula Deen’s cookbook.  She is the cutest thing, so cute in fact that I probably want to be like her when I’m 60, minus the diabetes).    I don’t know where the original recipe came from but whoever invented them should probably run for President. 

Ease of preparation:  These are really easy.  Probably too easy and too quick and too convenient for my own good.  All it takes is one package of refrigerated cookie dough (the already formed ones.  I told you it was too convenient…), regular sized Reese’s cups and a boxed brownie mix.  I made the brownies from scratch since we already had everything in the cabinet. 

Actual preparation: Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Get the brownie batter ready according to package directions.  Place a cookie at the bottom of each hole in the muffin tin and smoosh it down so it fills the bottom.  (Note: I used the giant cookies so I just needed one.  If you use the regular sized cookies you may need 1.5 cookies for each section.) Plop a full sized Reese’s cup on top of each smooshed cookie then cover it with the prepared brownie batter.   Do this quickly so you aren’t tempted to snatch the Reese’s cup off of the cookie and shove it in your mouth!  The recipe I used said fill it up 3/4 of the way but by the time I got the hugemongous cookie and Reese’s cup in they were pretty much already full so I just filled each muffin tin hole (seriously what is each individual hole called?) to the top.   I had left over brownie batter so I just baked it up like normal brownies…and of course I had to lick the bowl.  I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to make brownies and not lick the bowl.   Bake for 18 minutes.  I left mine in for an additional couple of minutes because they didn’t look quite done. 

Results:  They didn’t turn out very pretty but growing up I was always told “Don’t worry about anything you can eat up!” and these definitely will be something you can eat up.  You know how cookies and brownies are most delicious when they are still gooey?  Like nearly raw gooey?  Well these definitely fall into that category.  The chocolate chip cookie was soft, the Reese’s cup was melty and the brownie was gooey…and still warm.  I expect I will be making these again but I should probably take them to an event so I don’t have them sitting around my house taunting me.

  1. Ash Adams says:

    Try making them in cupcake papers. they look so pretty that way. I used homemade cookie dough and brownie batter. idk if it makes a difference but there was a large amount of both batters left over so I made a pan of cookie dough on bottom and brownie on top. I think they will work well.

    • armywifehill says:

      I made them today. I used a rounded teaspoon of cookie dough, a regular Reese’s cup and Pillsbury Brownies. In paper liners! Sooo amazing! Yummy!

  2. Bobbi says:

    A friend made these and used a spray called “cake release” and his came out so pretty!!

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